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No "Expanded" option in the combined mode


Am i missing something? I want my feed look like this !

List of titles and expand on title click. But i dont see option “Expanded” in prefs !

Is there the way to bring back such logic?

P.S. There is shortcut for that, sorry


Not as of now. I’m actually writing plugin documentation now to see if I can figure out how to implement that in some way (basically, I want to make a full Feedly replica via plugins and theme).


you seem to desperately want to use a different application instead of tt-rss
maybe you should just go and use it instead

i also suggest you reach your noble goal of turning tt-rss into feedly somewhere else. i don’t normally care about third party themes and shit (this is why theme support is there, after all) but i consider your post fucking insulting, honestly

get out


Uhhh… I’m contributing to your project. Code. Documentation. How is that insulting? You even feature the Feedly theme in your repo. When people contribute to my repos I’m grateful. Try it.


i don’t normally :effortpost: but eh

imagine you’ve been doing your own thing for a number of years. suddenly a wild wave of baby-duck syndrome ‘refugees’ of a popular cloud service appears and starts whining to turn your thing into something else because that’s the only thing they are used to and they can’t stand anything else, even though they don’t want to use that other actual thing because of reasons, legitimate or not those reasons might be.

would you bend over backwards to accommodate them, while they are openly telling you your obviously shitty efforts are only tolerable if they are turned into a knockoff of something entirely different, or would you tell them to fuck off?

i don’t know what would you do but i’m telling you, and people like you, to fuck off. been doing so in 2013 (?) when google reader died and i’m going to continue to do so while people like you are being raped by proprietary service of the week in the future.

being a ‘refugee’ is the future you chose, don’t drag me and my projects into it, they aren’t for you. i’m maintaining tt-rss for people who like tt-rss, not shitty knockoffs of proprietary datamining garbage i would never personally use.

oh not anymore you don’t :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

e: i find it extremely ironic that this is all in a completely unrelated thread, op of which has found the solution to his problem (a hotkey) himself already


I don’t get it, why are you so toxic…? You have super useful tool. Many people use it. There is nothing strange if some of them want to make some changes to it.


this phrase should be a bannable offense, no matter whom its directed at

that’s not what i was talking about because i don’t have any problems with that
otherwise tt-rss wouldn’t have a fairly developed infrastructure for third-party plugins and themes
you know, stating the obvious here


I’d accept their help. Find the spot where I’ve asked you in forums to bend over backwards. I’ve asked a few questions about hooks which others have answered. And hey look, I documented them for you.

I know exactly what I’d do. I was around for Google Reader. I built the Google Reader for Kindle, and other reader apps across multiple platforms. I switched to Feedly after the falloff, so early that I have a full account without being a paid customer. I’ve also been in your shoes. I’ve spent a huge amount of time on repos to have others come in and make them better. I accept the help because it’s how open source works.

If you say so. Sure looks like people are asking for features that I’m trying to provide. Hey look up at the first post in this thread. What’s that?

I’m happy to fork, but I’d rather contribute to originating projects when possible. People do it for me, I like to do it for others. And yes, Op was nice enough to edit his post to point out his solution.

+1 to the Op.


have fun with it, you wouldn’t be the first one

i hope you’ll be able to foster a much more successful project with your non-‘toxic’ approach to usersbecause i’ll be able to steal all the good features of course


Sigh, you don’t get it. Not everyone wants a user base or cares who steals features. That’s why I’m contributing here even after your comments from other posts. I’ve made my PRs for the users.


Wait… Are you seriously saying you don’t want a user base but that fox should have one just because?

Fox made software and as a courtesy provides it to others, for free. If he doesn’t want stuff added then that’s his choice.


you are making a very noble gesture, a sacrifice even, but i still would prefer you to post elsewhere from now on


Please go and fork and vanish from my feeds from here. I am happy with Fox’ clean code base and no fancy overblown stuff. Wonder why he has been doing this for so long and for so many happy peeps…? Might just be something really, really small like competence and caring for the important stuff. :wink:

Hmm, typing too slow (blame it on something), answer kinda superfluous now but it still stands. So I just say thank you, and please have a beer on me, fox.


alright this was a fun diversion but i think this thread should go where other bad threads go