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Next Article Repeats


Hi Fox,

Sorry, this issue just doesn’t seem to die. Updated to trunk today (b1f9ebe), and started experiencing the Infscroll disabled problem.

Console: https://pastebin.com/fnFCBNVd

Experienced on Firefox 64.0.2, if that’s any help. Apologies if the code block doesn’t format correctly at first, I’m trying to sort it out.

Edit: Fuck it, the line breaks are there but aren’t being recognized. I can try to get a cleaner sample of whatever’s going on if it helps, just let me know.

Edit 2: It had crossed my mind that this might be a desync between entries being marked as read, new entries being pulled, etc, so I ran through my feed with the console open and filtering for “infscroll.” On the 15th append it finally duplicated, but the browser was also significantly slower, trying to handle TT-RSS and displaying the console at the same time. Duplication happened around 9:50 PM, with the feed marked as last updated at 9:09 PM.


read this ^

you should read threads before posting because this all has been discussed above. anyway, since people (like you) don’t read i’m going to have to repeat myself (again):

  1. this is a timing issue that is fundamentally unfixable, i think, with current pagination design
  2. if you run into this a lot, try using all articles instead of adaptive or unread
  3. it’s very obvious why and what happens so no more logs or me too stories are really needed here nor are they helpful
  4. next person who will post here without reading the above is going to be banned for a year because i don’t like repeating myself again and again

personally i don’t run into this issue ever nor do i really have any ideas on fixing it properly (i’m not getting rid of mutation observer btw) so someone else will likely have to step up. pull requests/ideas welcome, etc.