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Moving to more traditional headline controls


we might be used to how things work now but new users expect familiar stuff like shift-clicking to select range and frankly this makes sense to me.

we had some weird stuff before like tab to select row, etc, i think it’s time to ditch the rest of the useless bespoke inventions and just do what everyone else is doing.


  • (all modes) ctrl-click toggles headline row selection
  • (all modes) shift-click selects range between currently active article and the one clicked on


  • (all modes) ctrl-clicking on unopened headline marks as read and opens source directly - this clashed with browser popup blocker sometimes

no changes:

  • (all modes) clicking on a headline without modifiers sets article as active / opens it
  • (combined mode) clicking on article body marks it as read

comments? post here.

Ctrl-click on links doesn't open them in a new background tab any more

There’s now no way to open an article source without using a keyboard shortcut now, not very good for tablet and mouse people?

Clicking on the headline when it’s expanded was a good ui for combined, not really used any other mode to comment, I generally use combined with auto expand off.


clicking on expanded headline should open article, I’ll take a look at this a bit later


opening original article should work as expected now


This was the one feature (from this list) that actually matched behavior I’m used to elsewhere. The other changes here sound great. I’d like to see this one reverted.


unfortunately you can’t have both ctrl-click toggling and that, so it had to go
that was one of the major reasons traditional controls weren’t implemented before - i didn’t want to remove ctrl-click to open

we can probably map this to alt though now that i think about it

e: done: https://git.tt-rss.org/fox/tt-rss/commit/900cdbbb3129a40299eb11e11b4cb10d89ec4d7c


This is still kinda screwed up (my opinion!). Now alt-click opens the article in a new window rather than a new tab. I don’t know if others are doing it, but I was always opening articles in a new tab with ctrl-click for those feeds where I know they don’t put much (if any) of the actual content in their RSS feed. I don’t mind using alt-click for this but there doesn’t seem too be a way to keep this in another tab rather than opening a new window.

Would it be possible to have alt-click do the new selection toggle and ctrl-click open a new tab? If not, can alt-click be modified to open in a new tab rather than a new window? Note that alt-click is normally (I think) “download this link”.


i dunno, it’s new tab for me on chrome and firefox. it could be something with your browser settings.

removing shit like this was the whole point


You’re right, I’m normally on Windows. Right now I’m using Safari on a Mac. It’s cmd-click to open in a new tab (and thankfully this way doesn’t immediately switch to the new tab).

Well, now it’s gone! So all good. :wink:


btw there’s also middle click which does the same thing i.e. opens in the background, natively i think without any special handling


Can alt+click to open a new tab, but don’t jump to the new tab, just open in the background
like before ctrl+click


try middle clicking

unfortunately it’s not possible to open a foreground or a background tab, the browser decides that :shrug:


Just don’t touch the vim key controls, please.


I suspect there’s nothing that can be done about since it’s probably at the browser level, but I’m guessing that peoples’ issue with middle clicking is that it doesn’t mark the article as read.


btw for those who really want previous behavior it would be very easy to override Headlines.click in a plugin


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Thanks, at home I have a kodi box hooked to my flatscreen and Logitech wireless kb w/ trackpad and it has no buttons (just press on the pad). So it only has right and left click hot spots and no middle click. This helps there.


middle click is also my way to go, but yesterday I used ttrss with my notebook without mouse for the first time since this change and with just a touchpad it is now impossible to open an article in a new tab.
ctrl+left click selects the article and right click just opens the ttrss context menu and not the browser context menu.

So Thanks for ttrss-hl-legacy, will try it immediately.


you should be able to set middle click to triple tap, i think
then again it’s not very useful unless you’re running desktop linux (because x11 approach to clipboards is an abomination)