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moveToPost not defined


I like the plugin article_toolbar but with the latest pull I’m getting:
ReferenceError: moveToPost is not defined
at HTMLButtonElement.onclick
If this plugin is no longer supported, I can ween myself off it but if the fix is easy…


I edited the toolbar_body.php file to include the following lines for the “Refresh Feed”, “Next” and “Previous” buttons:-

<span class="button_nav" title="Refresh Feed" onclick="Feeds.reloadCurrent()">&nbsp;&#8635;&nbsp;</span>
<span class="button_nav" title="Previous Post" onclick="Headlines.move('prev')">&nbsp;&#9650;&nbsp;</span>
<span class="button_nav" title="Next Post" onclick="Headlines.move('next')">&nbsp;&#9660;&nbsp;</span>

(I only use those three buttons so I’m afraid I don’t know if changes are needed for any of the other options.)


That works for me.
Thank you!


Confirming this bug exists on latest master (42780ddeb3fd04d2361ad40c1403a77cc794820a)


i’m gonna probate you for a week to figure out what refactoring is and hopefully starting to think before you post here