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Missing material-icons ff config


my understanding of it let me worry about it and that’s not what this is about.

I would be really happy if we could get back to the topic…


For sure. And even so, for some sites you better not have it enabled 'cause said site become unusable. And before you ask, sometimes you have to use a site. This is why you use $other_browser.


supposedly the topic involves changes in tt-rss (or somewhere else) to better accommodate your mistaken beliefs about security on the web.

instead of doing this, wouldn’t it be better to eliminate the root cause, i.e. your lack of education? which is what we’re doing here, with mixed results so far.


you’re welcome to think that’s.

All I know is I’ve never had a problem with my attitude before and I’ve been using this for several years now.
And before being asked I also know other sites that use material icons


You have not convinced us that this feature is required for privacy. We think you are being paranoid but not enough for even using Tor by default.

If you really strongly believe it is, then you should write a PR for Fox to merge. Or just run your own clone of TTRSS.


If it’s not interesting to her, I can live with that. What I can’t stand is being insulted for no apparent reason.


i still don’t understand how webfonts threaten your privacy but scripts, which you admitted you don’t audit before enabling, don’t.

this isn’t just an inconsistent approach, what you’re doing is misleading yourself into a false sense of security, which is actually dangerous. you’re worse off doing what you’re doing right now instead of using vanilla ublock without all this other useless crap.


Then you should not have come here :sunglasses:


Her? What? …

Welcome to the Internet where your feelings do not matter at all. The reason you are being insulted is that you show no understanding of what you are saying. You provide zero evidence that fonts are security risk we should care about and get offended when we tell you that you are paranoid.


Well, Fox is quite foxy :grinning:


Now I have this mental image of a large bearded Russian dude in a slinky black dress… Thanks⸮ I think⸮



thread of the month so far


:joy: What do I win?


So there are actually moderators for that and in all forums in which I am on the way users who insult are banned.


I can ban you if you wish…


On what grounds? Arbitrariness?


do they ban people who misgender others? i, for one, am heavily triggered right now


Time wasting? Insulting our knowledge? Not providing evidence for what you are claiming? Not reading the rules on how this forum works? Because you asked to be banned? … I donno. I am not going to ban you. But if banning you will enhance you experience, who am I to argue⸮


So should I now look for a website that runs fonts tracking?
It’s common knowledge that there is.

And I don’t know why you think I did it because I didn’t attack you in any way.

I have only made one suggestion that can be accepted or rejected. This can and should be done objectively.

All that annoys me are the attacks of fox. But if you want to have this tone in your forum I am wrong here anyway.

I prefer to talk in more sophisticated circles.


holy guacamole /20char