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Lots of changes recently


Hi all,

I have a nightly job that runs a ‘git fetch’ to see if there’s been changes in TTRSS. Recently there appear to be a large number of changes, I was just wondering whether there is a significant change happening, or whether all these changes are relatively ‘safe’.

Just don’t want to apply the changes to my working system and find something fundamental broken.

Appreciate any advice.




is anything ever truly safe :thinking:

one advice would be not posting stuff so blindingly stupid it makes my head hurt. alas, this one comes too late.

it’s as safe as it always was



I thought it was a valid question.

If major changes are still in process, then I’ll wait until they’re done before updating. However, if it’s lots of incremental changes, then I’d feel happy to apply them.

Was just trying to get a feel for whether there was some sort of major rewrite going on, or if this was just ‘normal’ incremental changes.

Thanks anyway.



i find it hard to believe that thinking was involved here in any way whatsoever

as for the rest of your post,

  1. git master branch is stable, it doesn’t matter how many changes happened since your last arbitrary pull nobody here cares about
  2. if there’s any major changes i usually make a heads up post on the forum, sometimes development switches to a separate branch for a time
  3. i can’t begin to imagine the perceived difference between “normal incremental changes” and “abnormal (?) major rewrites”. it’s all incremental by the way, all the way back to 2005.

i hope you enjoyed me spoonfeeding you with something you could’ve easily figured out yourself if only you bothered to spend half an hour reading this forum instead of posting. see you in six months.