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Label & Tags doesn't work for me [solved]


Hello :wink:

I’m sorry but i try to understand how works tags and label.
I have 2 filters as folowing :


But in the rss pannel, i have nothing in the label categories.
And the same result for the tags

In fact I don’t understant how put a label on an article i like.

Thanks for helping


Your first link is broken…



Update link done,


filters generally work on new articles only, you’ll see updates when new stuff arrives

if you feel that your filter doesn’t work properly use feed debugger (f D on a feed, check force rehash)


Ok thanks!
That explain why it didn’t work.

How can I add a label manually ?


You can add label with right click on article and sellect “assing label” :slight_smile:


Ok !
I understand why I don’t found it, it’s a very different way, i never use the right click on a website!

However the label filter didn’t work, I wish use feed debugger but what is :



Select the feed you want. On your keyboard tap the letter f then hold the shift key and tap D.


Perfect I can live feedly now :wink:
Big thanks to everybody