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K shortcut problem


Since last major update, the k shortcut does not behave like it did : it seems to go to the next feed (articles change on the right), but it does not display the feed selected on the feed list on the left and has a strange display behaviour like it’s “jumping”, but never goes down

Tried with different browsers and have the same behaviour

tt-rss version :


Platform :

Debian / php 7.0.33 / mariadb 10.1.37

Please provide any additional information below:


can someone else confirm/deny because i’m not seeing anything unusual with this hotkey

if you think a “major update” did it (whatever that is) you can try going back in git changeset history to see which one caused it


I can’t reproduce the issue the OP is typing about. I normally have the ‘swap_jk’ plugin enabled, but even with ‘swap_jk’ disable, the j and k hotkeys function as advertised.

edit to add, I’m at commit: 986ca25


I forgot to an important detail, it happens only if you are on the last visible feed on the left, if the selected feed is on top or middle, the k shortcut works normally, but not if it’s on the bottom and the k shortcut tries to access a non visible feed


Can’t confirm this. I hide read feeds, and pressing k jumps from the last visible feed (there is a hidden feed below this one in the feed tree) right to the top (Special). Pressing j jumps back to the last visible feed. Only thing it does not do is move the tree down if the tree is longer than screen length.


looks like you need to have categories disabled for this to show up, one more thing our ever attentive op decided to not mention.

anyway this goes into “i’ll take a look at this at some point” pile


alright so the underlying cause here is that feed tree is not scrolled to active row, it’s just more visible without categories because the list is typically longer, it’s the same all categories are expanded.

this change seems to fix this but if there’s any side effects report them here


The last commit (I suppose it’s FeedTre.js) has resolved my problem.
Have not seen any counter problems yet
Thanks !

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