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Issue since Readability update


… and away from it. Well, sorta; we were told to FOAD by Jeff.


Whoops. Sorry I’ve not responded. I’ve just pulled the latest git code so I’ll see if the try/catch solves the problem and watch the update log for a few days. FYI I use FreeBSD, so yes I know it’s not very mainstream, but it is still server tier :slight_smile:

Yeah what may have been helpful in this case is if the feed and maybe the entry that crashed was shown in the log. Because the crash happened before any logging it’s difficult to see which one caused it. But thanks for reminding me about the feed debugger. I’ll try that on each feed one at a time if I still get the same problem.


Just had the error happen again after one week where all feeds stopped updating except ISP Review. Which just happens to be mentioned in the log again before the crash exactly the same as last time. Though when I went into the feed debugger with f+D and forced a refresh it all loaded without a problem. And now everything is working fine again. So it seems whatever caused the problem is then fixed by forcing a refetch/rehash.

[07:30:57/55805] Base feed: http://www.ispreview.co.uk/index.php/feed
[07:30:57/55805] => 2019-03-05 06:51:17.549093, 56 2
PHP Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Argument 1 passed to iterator_to_array() must implement interface Trav
ersable, null given in /usr/www/ttrss/vendor/andreskrey/Readability/Nodes/NodeTrait.php:324
Stack trace:
#0 /usr/www/ttrss/vendor/andreskrey/Readability/Nodes/NodeTrait.php(324): iterator_to_array(NULL)
#1 /usr/www/ttrss/vendor/andreskrey/Readability/Nodes/NodeTrait.php(421): andreskrey\Readability\N
#2 /usr/www/ttrss/vendor/andreskrey/Readability/Readability.php(1270): andreskrey\Readability\Node
#3 /usr/www/ttrss/vendor/andreskrey/Readability/Readability.php(1166): andreskrey\Readability\Read
#4 /usr/www/ttrss/vendor/andreskrey/Readability/Readability.php(155): andreskrey\Readability\Reada
#5 /usr/www/ttrss/plugins/af_readability/init.php(188): andreskrey\Readability\Readabi in /usr/www/ttrss/vendor/andreskrey/Readability/Nodes/NodeTrait.php on line 324


congrats, instead of dumping the database, saving the XML somehow, or at least doing something to help us reproduce it, you decided to post the exception again. well done.

arch users, ladies and gentlemen. again and again.