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Is v15.7 the latest?


Is v15.7 the latest version of tt-rss?

I know that the project now follows the ‘rolling release’ model, which, I assume, means that whatever is the master branch of the repository is considered latest. Does this mean that the number at the bottom of the settings page has lost its meaning?

I’m asking because I need a confirmation that I’m running the freshest code. Yesterday I git’ted the master branch to my fresh Debian installation, and saw number 15.7. But I think I’ve also seen later numbers, e.g. 16, 17. Which version is the latest? How can I install it?


the number at the bottom is largely meaningless, yes. then again i tag new versions a few times a year primarily to keep third party theme writers on their toes (j/k).

anyway, the latest “version” as of right now is 17.4. you can (and should) install it using git. check out installation guide on the tt-rss.org frontpage.

don’t forget to uninstall all tt-rss packages first btw (after backing up your data)

e: oh and if you’re supposedly on git and seeing any other numbers you’re not running trunk.


Thanks, Andrew. This only adds to my confusion, though.

How come I have 15.7 if only yesterday I did git clone https://tt-rss.org/git/tt-rss.git tt-rss into my virgin VPS? Why didn’t I get 17.4? Should I empty my browser’s cache?



browser cache shouldn’t have anything to do with it but you having tt-rss debian package installed potentially could.

how are you checking it anyway? log in via ssh and check there.


I’m guessing you have an old install in your document root and the git clone version is not in your document root.


Thanks, guys. There was no older tt-rss package on that box. It was an all-new barebones installation, where even sudo was missing. I cloned the repo into /usr/share/nginx/ttrss.

Andrew, which file contains the version number? Nothing in README.md.


check include/version.php

e: comedy option: you switched servers and dns haven’t updated yet


Can you copy/paste the results of:

git -C /usr/share/nginx/ttrss remote show origin

That sort of makes sense, tbh.


define('VERSION_STATIC', '15.7');

Hardly. I access this installation via IP alone.

But you did give an idea, Andrew: I imported the OPML with the feeds and settings from my old, 15.7, installation. Has the 15.7 been pulled from there somehow?



Can you run the command I posted above and paste the results?



  Fetch URL: https://github.com/major/tt-rss.git
  Push  URL: https://github.com/major/tt-rss.git
  HEAD branch: add-accept-headers
  Remote branches:
    add-accept-headers tracked
    master             tracked
  Local branch configured for 'git pull':
    add-accept-headers merges with remote add-accept-headers
  Local ref configured for 'git push':
    add-accept-headers pushes to add-accept-headers (up to date)```

I see that it's been cloned from Github. Is this a different repo?


Yes. Fox moved to a self-hosted install awhile ago.


e: updated as I originally linked to the wiki repo.


itt op decides to mislead us as to where he cloned the repo from


Puzzled yet more. :confused: I’m dead sure I pasted the URL from the installation guide, i.e. git clone https://tt-rss.org/git/tt-rss.git tt-rss Will try again.


then black magic must have happened… keep an eye out for that.


Cloned again in a different directory. Situation normal: 17.4. Must have somehow messed up copy-pasting.

Now, can I clone the correct repo on top of the existing installation? What would be the most elegant way of fixing my error? I’m somewhat new with git.


Move your config.php to a safe place, delete the repos, clone the correct repo, move the config.php into the newly cloned repo directory. Visit the web page and update the config as instructed if any required settings are missing (probably not if you’re coming from 15.x).

If you get permissions errors, fix those.

e: It technically is possible to simply change the repo’s origin setting and pull in the latest changes, but given what you’ve posted so far I’d suggest against that because you have been using an incorrect origin for awhile and there’s potential for things to break if you’re not familiar with git, etc.


best part is how it’s just some guys’ github repo you decided to clone

not even an old official url


Maybe I mindlessly copied the URL from the installation step-by-step supplied by my hosting provider. Shame on me then: your official manual was in the next browser tab.

Anyway, I wish to take this opportunity to thank Andrew and the team for the fantastic piece of software that tt-rss is. Newcomers to this forum often whine about issues, and you have to manage all that ill-informed negativity. If so, let this not dishearten you, for на каждого страждущего приходится десяток счастливых, а потому молчащих, пользователей. Keep up the good work. With the Facebook’ization of the Web, RSS becomes ever so important. ```tt-rss` gives me power.