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Is that possible to do it in 1 filter?


I have 1 feed that I want to filter on. I am not sure if this is even possible.
So, I only want to see articles with the words foo and bar and then anything else can just be marked as read.

Is that possible to do it in 1 filter? Right now I could only figure out how to make foo be filtered to a label, and then bar filtered to the same label. It required 2 filters to do it.



Match: (?i-s)foo.*?bar|bar.*?foo

Check Inverse regular expression matching, then you should be good.

EDIT: Sorry dudes, didn’t know I was helping a weasel.



How cute that you want to get your post count up by copying and pasting (verbatim) another user’s post. You get a timeout till @fox decides what to do you with you.


oh so that’s why this was flagged by discourse, nice

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