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Is it possible to subscribe to a local-to-tt-rss file?


I recently created a webservice which generates an RSS XML file which I would like my tt-rss to read in. Because of certain network issues (CenturyLink modem + router does not support NAT loopback) I cannot enter the real webaddress address for the feed in my self-hosted tt-rss instance (both of which are inside my domain).

I tried subscribing file:///path/to/file/feed.xml but that didn’t work either.

To be clear, this feed I would like to subscribe to is on the same server as my tt-rss instance. It is not a file on my own computer that I am trying to subscribe to.

Is it possible to subscribe to a locally (to the tt-rss instance) hosted file?

Let me know if you have any questions or need clarification.


Copy the file to /var/www/ (or whatever the web root is) and use http://localhost/feed.xml ?