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Is it possible to create a hierarchy of categories



Im using ttras for quite some years now and still a happy user. However I now got a few hundred feeds, and for some it would make sense to create subgroups. Just like every file browser can show a directory tree, I wish ttrss had something like that. And iirc ttrss already had such a feature or plugin in the past.

Maybe I just didn’t find the right spot to enable it?

Tldr: Is it possible to have nested category trees within ttrss? Ig yes, how to enable them. If no, is it possible to do as a plugin or does it require changing core functionality?



drag categories on other categories in preferences to nest them.

you don’t have to enable anything, it has been supported for many years now.


After upgrading to latest, Ir worked. I was still running v 1.6.8 or something… Thank you


Side note experience; I just tried this and it would not save, it visually showed me that I had moved one category into the other, but when I refreshed the view it just showed them on the same level again (I think I have never tried this in the past).

Not sure what it did, but after using the reset option under Feeds and Categories it now seems that it is finally saving as intended whenever I do a drag and drop category update.


there was a recent fix related to drag and drop in feed editor


Noted, maybe I’m needing that… after I did this though I’ve just noticed that when I’m adding new feeds they are no longer sorted alphabetically under each category, could that as well be related?


reset the sorting and it’ll go back to normal


Roger roger, will give that a go, thanks!


As a note, if anyone else runs into this thread and gets confused as to why it’s not working, the drag and drop seems to work in Chrome, but not Firefox.


you’re right, i’ll make a note to take a look at this.
dnd is handled almost entirely by Dojo so i wouldn’t get my hopes up.


it seems that feed tree method which deals with item validation on drag&drop (checkItemAcceptance in dijit.Tree) is not being called on firefox for some reason.

i might be doing something wrong, of course, but at first glance it looks like the problem is somewhere outside of tt-rss code, could be either Dojo/Dijit or Firefox. :frowning: