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Inverse filter on title no longer working?


Anyone else notice that doing an inverse filter is no longer working? I have a filter which is ^Today on title with inverse regular expression matching ticked. And then the action is to delete article. But when I test this it’s just matching all posts which start with Today rather than all posts which do not start with Today.

I’m sure this same filter used to work in the past, but I’ve only just noticed that it’s no longer doing what it once did. Am I an idiot who has done something wrong or is it broken? The ttrss wiki suggests that this should work.


first of all, are you checking filters with feed debugger or filter preview? always use f D.

also make sure you don’t have two inverse checkboxes (per-rule and per-filter), otherwise i dunno, nothing has changed in this area for quite some time.


I just realized that I meant content not title and thought I was being an idiot, but I just changed it to content and I still can’t get it to work. I’m sure this used to work. It’s just been several months since I noticed it not working.

Here is the debug output: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wqh2akzw1yutqv3/feed.txt?dl=0

What I’m trying to do is have it delete any entry where the content does not start with Today. It seems to actually delete everything though.


maybe content contains some markup or whitespace or whatever and doesn’t actually start with “Today”. i think you should be able to dump it into debug output by adding &xdebug=2 to the feed debugger URL.

i don’t remember if there’s any special processing (of content) involved for filters.


Ahhhhh. This helps me figure it out. The xdebug=2 shows that it actually starts with lots of whitespace. So ^Today won’t match.

OK thanks, I’ll have a play :slight_smile: