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Intergrate RSS-Brige in TT-RSS


I would love to see a option to add a RSS-Brige (/RSS-Bridge/rss-bridge on github) to TT-RSS. Now i have to go the RSS Brige site and generate url than go back to TT-RSS insert the url and supply username & password for the RSS-Bridge.

Basic option would be save the credentials for a given domain or something similar.

Advanced would be that we can insert a url to a given page supported by the bridge software and have it added to TT-RSS without typing more than the url.

I am thinking about make/hacking the basic option for myself. But maybe there is already something or someone else knows a better solution or someone whats to help me build a advanced integration let me know :slight_smile:


Interesting. But you’re unlikely to meet support here because your idea goes against the Unix philosophy of each program doing one thing well.


Could u explain that? If done with a plugin it shoudn’t be a problem in any case.


TT-RSS is a feed aggregator. Its primary purpose is not to scrape sites. If you need to scrape sites you can use an existing application or code a plugin. Your proposal is to merge to separate applications into a single one. That seems … reckless?

(Of course an exception is Go Comics, which simply extended the existing af_comics plugin and, frankly, wasn’t a lot of code because of how their site is done.)


U misunderstand me if u think i want to merge two. I want to use RSS-Bridge as is. I only want to make it easier to use them/add the feeds to TT-RSS.
And for the scraping part. If the sites would have supplied a RSS in the first place there would be no scraping. But please keep on topic.
This topic is about making a plugin that would allow me to add a feed from a external site without having to type the password over and over again. And optional help format / create the correct URL for the feed.


Your original post wasn’t really clear.

What you want is entirely doable with the existing plugin system. I am not aware of any existing solution that does this, but you can hook subscribing/editing feeds with multiple hooks and accomplish what you want.

Take a look at the PluginHost class for a list of available hooks; most are named in such a way as to make it clear what they do and you can grep the various hooks to see how they’re implemented throughout the code.


Let me add a example. If i want to follow #ttrss on twitter i need a feed with
http rss-bridge example org/?action=display&bridge=Twitter&q=ttrss&format=atom
I need to add it as a feed. Supply a username & password as my rss-bridge is user/password protected.

It would be nice if there was a way that i only need to supply the type twitter hashtag and the hashtag itself. Without the need to supply the domain or username/password.

There are several ways i can think of implementing this feature. In most cases a template url would do. In a way that a variable in the url is replaced with the value given by the user when adding the feed.


If you’re looking for someone to integrate this into the core, you’ll probably be waiting a while. If you’re looking for someone to write this as a plugin, well, you’ll probably be waiting a while.

But you can look at the link I provided; that, along with reverse engineering some existing plugins, should easily give you enough to figure out writing your own.


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