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Interest in Tiny RSS hosted service


I’m relatively new to Tiny RSS and have been experimenting with different cloud hosting options. So far I’ve had a really positive experience getting my environment up and running.

While ramping up I’ve noticed two common discussion/comment threads regarding Tiny RSS: 1) “is anyone willing to share an account on an existing instance” and 2) “this is too hard for me to setup/run on my own”. Considering this I’m wondering what the interest level would be for a (paid) hosted solution.



I think the posts you are talking about are somewhat new. Most people here host their own instance of TT-RSS so I think interest would be negligible for a paid hosting solution.


Hello there,

You may use my tt-rss https://feed.dony.me free of charge.



please post ads for your paid services somewhere else


No interest whatsoever.


I have my TinyRSS Site open too for some new users.



Such a service exists already. Feedly is costly, but less fiddly than Tiny.