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Installation Guide: Where is the config.php?


In the document section of the “Installation Guide”, it says:

Easy installer will generate config.php for you, after you have entered your database credentials and initialized tt-rss database. You will need to either copy text from the installer and paste it into config.php on the server, or, if possible, the installer will be able to do it for you automatically.

  1. Why can’t the installer generate and save the config.php file?

  2. Where does the config.php need to go?


In the tt-rss directory; the same directory that has config.php-dist in it.

If TT-RSS cannot create the file itself, you can manually create it from the command line using nano, vi, vim, etc.

For TT-RSS to be able to create the file on its own, the user running the PHP process (e.g. www-data on Debian) needs to have write permissions on the tt-rss directory.