Inport and export ,error


E_DEPRECATED (8192) plugins/import_export/init.php:220
Non-static method DOMDocument::loadXML() should not be called statically

  1. plugins/import_export/init.php(220): ttrss_error_handler(8192, Non-static method DOMDocument::loadXML() should not be called statically, plugins/import_export/init.php, 220, Array)
  2. plugins/import_export/init.php(461): perform_data_import(/data/wwwroot/, 1)
  3. classes/pluginhandler.php(12): dataImport()
  4. backend.php(126): catchall(dataimport)

E_USER_NOTICE (1024) classes/db.php:22
Legacy connect requested to pgsql

  1. classes/db.php(22): user_error(Legacy connect requested to pgsql, 1024)
  2. classes/db.php(89): legacy_connect()
  3. include/db.php(4): get()
  4. plugins/import_export/init.php(259): db_escape_string(SHA1:06fb13ff5580bbd7a77a1eb96eab1e19d3a6573f)
  5. plugins/import_export/init.php(461): perform_data_import(/data/wwwroot/, 1)
  6. classes/pluginhandler.php(12): dataImport()
  7. backend.php(126): catchall(dataimport)


well you can always rewrite the plugin to use PDO and submit a PR, i’d legit appreciate it

until then i guess the warning is going to stay