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Inconsistent labels in feed and article lists



The recent update has made the same tag look different in the feed and article lists:



Not a big deal, but consistency would be welcome.

P.S. Thanks for all the work. The application is so much snappier now.


that’s how it’s supposed to look, previous square label icon in the feedlist got replaced but having it in the headline buffer would look stupid i think so previous format stays there


Why would that look stupid? Because of that pointed right side?

If I were you, I’d keep the old labels in the feed list too. They are nice, informative, and fit in well with the rounded angles of the unread counters.


the icon is monochromatic so you can’t use both foreground and background

but my material icons :cry:




i kinda like how this looks




No, no, please, don’t ruin the looks. Those pentagons are as redundant as the frames are distracting. If you must keep the new icons in the feed list, better leave the things as they are.

Github has nice, functional labels.


I’ll think about it
otherwise there’s always user css


God, no. Блядь, блядь, блядь. Wish I hadn’t pull'ed origin master.


such drama

.label .i { display : none; }


Thanks for the idea. Had a better success with:

body.ttrss_main .label i {
display: none !important;