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Impressed: color coordination between favicons and feed titles


I always wondered how colours are picked for the badges with feed titles. It just struck me: they mirror the dominant colours of the favicons!


Such a classy touch. Now if only the feed names weren’t italicised. :wink:



div.cdmHeader div.hlFeed a {
    font-style: normal;


No luck. But I get the idea: it’s configurable via CSS. Will poke around.


Worked for me when I tried it - you do know about the Customize stylesheet preference, yus?


Yes, I do. I pasted your code in, saved the configuration, and reloaded. Still italic.


Possibly a silly question - is the CSS still there if you go back and reopen the preference?


maybe he’s not using combined mode, then the css selector would be different


Indeed. I have combined mode off.


Hmm. Combined mode was the only way I quickly found to get the coloured tags - my usual view doesn’t even have the tags visible:


Or after fg: