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Images assigned to (generated) feed items kinda random?


[Describe the problem you’re having:]
it appears I have something wrong with enclosure assignment in generated feeds.

An image enclosed* with a feed item gets adapted by subsequent items (which don’t bring their own enclosure) apparently until a new enclosure is encountered in the feed; then the feed will adapt that new image for subsequent items until the next new enclosure is encountered. Here’s a few example output URLs that show rather quickly what I mean when thrown into firefox’ address bar e.g.

(I admit, I’m bastardizing the ${ARTICLE_ENCLOSURE_URL} into enforcing display of an image - but that shouldn’t be causing the repetition I’m seeing, should it? If no enclosure was included, the URL should be empty, not haphazardly (re)populated by anything from earlier items))

This happens only outbound (generated feeds); when viewing items in tt-rss itself all seems unaffected. Hence I’m thinking it must be my generated feed template.

[If possible include steps to reproduce the problem:]
Try this as your /templates/generated_feed.txt (be sure to have a backup of any working instance of your own template before you do) :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<rss version="2.0" xmlns:dc="http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/">
<!-- $BeginBlock feed -->
		<title>[Aggregat] ${FEED_TITLE}</title>
		<description>ausgewählte Meldungen aus ausgewählten Medien, kuratiert von ${SELF_URL} </description>
		<copyright>(Rechte gemäß der von einzelnen Feedanbietern definierten Angaben)</copyright>
		<generator>Tiny Tiny RSS/${VERSION} @ </generator>
		<category domain="Syndic8">1765</category>
		<managingEditor>[email protected] (Firstname Lastname)</managingEditor>
		<webMaster>[email protected] (FirstName Lastname)</webMaster>
		<!-- $BeginBlock entry -->
			<description><![CDATA[ <span style="font-size: 75%; color: #999; line-height: 0.75em;"><span class="via-lma-branding">[&nbsp;via <a title="liberal.is Media-Aggregat/ion z.Th. '${FEED_TITLE}'" href="http://liberal.is?s=${FEED_TITLE}" target="_blank">lma</a>&nbsp;] </span>${ARTICLE_SOURCE_TITLE} | ${ARTICLE_AUTHOR} <span style="color: #eee;"> &brvbar; </span> </span> <img class="tt-rss-item-img" src="${ARTICLE_ENCLOSURE_URL}" alt="" /> ${ARTICLE_EXCERPT} <div style="clear: left;"></div>
			 <!-- pixeldemo -->  
			 <img alt="" 
             width="1" height="1" /> <!-- end pixeldemo --> 
             ]]> </description>
			<!-- $BeginBlock category -->
			<!-- $EndBlock category -->
			<!-- $BeginBlock enclosure -->
				<enclosure length="${ARTICLE_ENCLOSURE_LENGTH}" type="${ARTICLE_ENCLOSURE_TYPE}" 
          url="${ARTICLE_ENCLOSURE_URL}" />
    		<!-- $EndBlock enclosure -->
		<!-- $EndBlock entry -->
<!-- $EndBlock feed -->

Thanks for any hep you may be able to procure. Cheers -

Output format for generated feeds

so the issue is that enclosure url is not reset between images? i’ll take a look when i’m done with other stuff


hello, @fox
pls don’t take me to be pushy or anything for asking: can you give any indication as to the rough timeframe inside which this examination might occur? Just trying to get an idea if that might happen inside days, weeks, months or worse :slight_smile:
Cheers :+1: LX


unless i missed something else it should already be fixed in master now


thank you, @fox
i have zero experience with stuff hosted on github :slight_smile: do I need to download + install the complete master again, or will it be enough to replace one ore more certain file/s? Or, maybe slightly less dumb question: is there any documentation somewhere on how to run automatic updates to an installation on shared hosting? Is this something mere mortals can accomplish? :slight_smile: Cheers - LX


oh oops, i’m sorry i misread your post and thought it was about a different issue
i haven’t looked at this yet, i’m afraid


  1. if you’re on shared hosting, post to unsupported
  2. i’m sure there’s lots of ways for you to update from git and upload to whatever, but this is really beyond the scope of this forum. i suggest googling. unless someone else decides to help you ofc


this should also make your abuse of enclosure urls not necessary, use the og variable instead


thank you, @fox
will look into this + get back to you in case of further questions.


hello, @fox;
i have in the meantime found the time to apply the changed file and amend the template;
both work/ed like a charm;
thanks a ton :slight_smile: - best - lx