Tiny Tiny RSS: Community

I want to present myself


Hi, I’m new at the forum and would like to quickly introduce myself.

I’m an old fashion Internet user: I believe in a free Internet, where I choose what I want to read.

RSS is a great tool to get information from the sources I trust.

I’m sad to see that all signs indicate a trend towards killing RSS, which I hope it doesn’t happen.

When free rss readers like Google’s were discontinued, I found tt-rss the perfect free alternative. I ended up by hosting my own private server in the cloud where I set up a tt-rss instance.

The tt-rss suit, server and Android client (to which I donated), is my main news source nowadays.

I’m very happy with both apps.

Big thanks to developers.

NOTE: I apologize for my poor english, but it isn’t my main language.


Welcome. We’re in the same boat : )