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How to subscribe feeds on Android Firefox


Hi, I’m new here, but a long-time TT user.

Does anyone know how to subscribe to feeds when browsing on Android Firefox?

I can do that from the Firefox installed on my Linux Laptop using Awesome RSS extension, but on Android Firefox this extension doesn’t show.

Well, this doesn’t seem exactly a question on TT, but nowadays RSS is becoming almost extinct that there sin’t much places i can ask for help.

Thanks in advance.


i’ve added a basic subscribe to feed dialog available at public.php?op=subscribe which you can bookmark: https://git.tt-rss.org/fox/tt-rss/commit/cc57ed377544b5b8a07d18d3c59117654886649e

most of this was already implemented, initial “enter feed” form was the only thing missing anyway

e: admittedly it doesn’t look very well on mobile because tt-rss is not responsive but it’s better than nothing™.

btw, alternatively you can subscribe via android app


I must admit that I didn’t understand what is this about. I’m not a programmer as well.

But I found something that maybe do what I wanted.

When I’m browsing a site in Firefox in my smartphone that I want to subscribe in tt-rss, I look for the RSS icon on the site, then I click it, and then a window pops up asking me with which program I want to complete the action: Firefox or Tiny Tiny RSS (Andrew Dolgov’s tt-rss client for Android). When I choose the latter, the site is subscribed.

That’s what I needed.

Anyway, thanks for your help.

PS.: Does this forum also covers Dolgov’s tt-rss client?