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How to have categories expand by default?



I have two TinyRSS instances running on two separate webservers.
However on one it has all categories opened (expanded) when logging in and the other has them all closed.
I compared preferences but they are exactly the same, I also exported/imported a OPML from one to the other but with nog luck.

I’d like to have ‘Special’ collapsed (closed) and all other categories expanded (open) by default.

Does anyone know how to do this, can it be done with a change in de mysql database?

I hope to hear from you.



the state of feed tree is stored in a cookie (this is handled entirely by the UI framework) and everything (except for Special category) should be collapsed by default.

try opening both instances in incognito mode or with clean browser profile and see if there’s any difference. both tt-rss installs are the same version, right? no third party modifications?

set tt-rss cookie lifetime to a higher value and configure it once. it’ll just work from then on.