How does conceptual image hash plugin work?


I have installed and activated the af_zz_img_phash plugin. Maximum hamming distance is set to 5 and “for all feeds” is activated.

How is the plugin supposed to work? I am sorry but I could not find out.


e: plugin processes images when feed updates so it’ll take some time for it to start working


Thank you for your fast reply. I forgot to create the mysql table. That’s now done.
But I am still getting an error message:
PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method Feeds::getFeedTitle() in /… on line 147
Could you please give me a hint?


you have to use tt-rss trunk (i.e. git) instead of whatever is that you’re using


Thanky you. I used git to clone from I thought this should be the master branch.
Since it is the first time I am using git, I might have done something else wrong. However TT-RSS has been working fine.


if you ever installed tt-rss package check if you’re running it instead, if you are on git trunk it should just work

check tt-rss version in prefs.php (should read 17.4…)


It is indead version 17.4, however I was wrong on something else: I did install TTRSS via softacolous and not via git as indicated last night (sorry for the wrong answer). Only the plugin was installed via git.
Thank you for your patience and help!


just install latest git version and it’ll work

e: also read the subforum rules before posting about your softawhatsitsface