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Group feed entries by "Today", "Yesterday", "This Week", "Older"



is it possible to group feed entries by “Today”, “Yesterday”, “This Week”, “Older” etc. (the same way - sorry - Outlook groups emails)?

In a long list of feed entries (from the same feed or in a category of feeds) this would help focussing on the important stuff.

Maybe it can be even done by colors / css?


I can see this being an utter nightmare with different time zones…


isn’t sorting by date achieves the exact same result only without separators?

anyway, for example, you could write a simple plugin which would add virtual feeds for each of those categories selecting articles by timestamp. other than that, idk.

tt-rss stores everything in UTC internally so it’s not that big a deal, user timezone is also known


:slight_smile: Well then, I shall go back to lurking…