Git cloning issues: the (1.1_->_1.1.1) tag



It seems like that tag never got renamed or deleted, or was pushed back sometime since 2013. If you still are willing to rename that tag to something less problematic, it would be very much appreciated. And since I feel like a pest for asking, I even wrote the script.

#show problem tag
git tag --list "*>*"
git tag "schema_upgrade_passed_(1.1_-_1.1.1)" "schema_upgrade_passed_(1.1_->_1.1.1)"
git tag --delete "schema_upgrade_passed_(1.1_->_1.1.1)"
git push origin ":refs/tags/schema_upgrade_passed_(1.1_->_1.1.1)"
git push --tags


strange, i can clone everything just fine. i can imagine this being a problem on some garbage-tier OS i guess.

well like i said before the tags are useless so might as well remove them (again? lol)

anyway here’s what i ended up doing

git tag | grep 'sche' > badtags
(delete tags locally)
cat badtags | xargs -n1 -iFFF git push gitlab :refs/tags/FFF

main problem right now is not pushing those back from some forgotten internal repo


Thank you!

As for which systems can be affected or not, it has changed over time. In 2013, the github repo importer did not handle the tag correcly, but now in 2017 it works fine. I’m having issues with azure though, and it’s impossible to know what they used for their deployement/cloning. I’m thinking there are quite a few scripts out there that don’t use quotes when git branching, and that would be a problem on any os, including linux.


lol azure