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Git clone, cloudflare and 503



I’m receiving 503 errors using git from Cloudflare. Normally that happens on DoS, but I’m sure I’m not the culprit. Could you please check?

I don’t think I’m the culprit because:

  • It’s git clone, fresh install, not git pull from a cron
  • /fox/tt-rss.git/info/refs?service=git-upload-pack is obtainable from a browser from the same machine

I’ve tried:

  • download tarball (works)
  • ssh (doesn’t work)
  • git -c ‘http.useragent=something.else’ (doesn’t work)
  • curl & wget (doesn’t work)
  • two different ISPs

I’m using “https://git.tt-rss.org/fox/tt-rss.git

I assume Cloudflare is doing a Javascript check, but that’s not going to happen in git.

IP (in ZA): 165.73.16.x (dhcp)


if you have problems going through cloudflare, consider using gitlab mirror which is there specifically for this reason

i’m not sure what would you want me to check tbh

e: i thought we had a sticky with the gitlab mirror but apparently not, i’ll mention it on tt-rss.org frontpage.

e2: it’s a good thing you mentioned you’re from South Africa, looks like i had a special firewall rule confgured for .za. i’ve removed it, try now.


Thank you,

It’s working now, so it was being firewalled.

I can use the public mirror instead, if that’s better for you.


public mirror is updated daily, otherwise there’s really no difference
if you can use main site, use it instead