Gfycat embedded


Hi Fox,

I just noticed that the plugin af_redditimgur might need an update if you have time because of gfycat changes, I suspect.

I’ve looked at the code in the plugin and as far as I can tell the plugin should embed the MP4 version, but it’s actually the -size_restricted.gif that is in the img tag once the feed is loaded.

as an example a reddit post with link to will be embedded as but should embed as

Running on commit 5a35b31
PHP 7.0
Postgres 9.6
Debian 9.5 VPS


looks like they’ve also switched to some kind of retarded embedding of JSON blobs so plugin falls back to a generic og:image metadata field.

behold how modern web development looks like:

yes, it looks like shit and it’s overbloated to all hell.

<script data-react-helmet=“true” type=“application/ld+json”>



there’s no way i’m digging through this pile of JSON vomit so i’m gonna assume their MP4 URLs are stable enough and just go based by video name instead:

if that doesn’t work well enough, gfycat is probably gonna go the way imgur albums went.

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, embedding content is going to become less and less possible in the future.

in the end oceans of JSON vomit / mandatory JS garbage are going to be replaced with web assembly blobs and it would be over, web sites becoming functionally unmodifiable blackboxes completely controlled by the publisher. which incidentally is the way both browser developers and content publishers are happily pushing together.


Thanks for the quick turnarround on this one Fox.

I unfortunately have to fully agree with you on the direction the web is headed.
My worry is that RSS is going to be reduced to a few buzzwords to get you to go to their app or “web app” and get the full information…