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Generated feed problem


I have set a first filter, which assigns a tag on those articles I don’t want to see.
In a second filter, I set articles without the above mentioned tag to “publish”

Under Preferences - Feeds - Published &Shared Articles -Display URL I get an URL with the end:

This generated feed contains the unfiltered articles. What can I do to get the generated feed filtered?
The filter criteria is "article tag contains keyword"
The filter action: Publish arctiles (enabled and inverse matching are tagged)

All help will be much appreciated.

TTRSS v17.4


In addtion to the above mentioned problem, the articles shown under “published articles” within TTRSS are differerent from those shown wiht the external URL. Under “published articles” I see the ones I expeted, however the external URL shows many more articles.
Maybe I am understanding something wrong? Shouldn’t “published articles” within TTRSS be the same as shown at the external URL?


i’m not sure wtf you’re doing with filters but yes, feed generated for published category inside tt-rss should have same articles in it. if it doesn’t your database is malfunctioning somehow, possibly with tt-rss running on myisam tables.

e: oh wait. why are you having view-mode=all-articles in the url? remove it, you are overriding the default view mode for the feed (i.e. published articles)

basically read this https://git.tt-rss.org/git/tt-rss/wiki/GeneratedFeeds


Thank you for your hints. Strangely, view-mode=all_articles does lead to exactly the same as view-mode=published. It does not seem to have an influence at all in my case. Even if I omit this parameter I still get the same results.

And yes, the database is myisam. The table error-log ist empty. I have checked and optimised all tables but no change in result.Can you give me a hint what I could try? (Due to limitation of my provider, I cannot switch to a different database type). Thank you in advance!


why am i not seeing any mention of you knowingly using tt-rss on an absolutely unsupported database type in your originating post?

i’m going to give you a few hours to provide a very good explanation for this before i suspend you for the next fucking millennium for wasting my time

fyi, myisam is not supported for a reason. shit is not going to work for you. which is what, amazingly enough, you are experiencing right now.


I apologize for wasting your time. Unfortunately my provider does not give me the choice of a different database. And for other applications (mostly Drupal) it has been sufficient. I have been using TTRSS for about 4 months and never had any issues until now.


i can’t begin to imagine what goes on in heads of people with this mindset. just search for myisam on the forums and you’ll see how truly screwed up you actually were/are.

anyway, thanks to you there’s going to be a hard failure check for this situation now. yay.


The tables are actually Innodb not myisam. Sorry for submitting wrong information.


Yeah, well, at least the code updates will prevent a lot of frustration here in the future.

Anyway, are you trying to get a feed that includes specific tags or labels? Versus, you know, the actual Published special feed? Because it kind of sounds like you’re trying to replicate functionality that’s already built in.


i think i 'm just about done wasting time reading your posts, see you in 2018

try to figure out your shit until then