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GDPR Related Feed Issues / Cookies


Hi all, just thought to share my experiences so far on GDPR related cookie issues.

I’v just noticed the Tumblr feed issue thread (I’ve one of those as well and will be reading up on it now).

I’m a bit concerned with the impact this could have on many of us overall though, I really hope I am wrong but if some of the bad solutions out there get broader pickup, implementation and use it could be really bad in my eyes (or best case a very annoying period of catching up and creating work-arounds).

The few I’ve come across so far and can’t resolve RSS wise:

** UPDATE: 8 June: So far GDPR did not break too many of the 3k sites our server follow (thank god most of the sites seems to either have not implemented anything or are being smarter about it). Just added Popular Science and Entertainment Weekly as new trouble sites I need to resolve somehow.


overbearing legislation is certainly a wonderful thing

i can understand why companies block everything first because there’s a potential for some fuckhuge fines otherwise, our only hope is that once the initial wave of paranoia is over they’ll unblock URL endpoints meant for automated systems (or can RSS feeds altogether, lol)

i also find it hilarious that so far i have received a metric assload of GDPR spam from various otherwise long forgotten websites i’ve registered on. i’m not even a EU citizen for fucks sake, don’t bother me with this shit.

anyway, it’s not like there’s any standards involved for clickthrough webpages so you can’t really make a generic plugin for them.


Well, of course a broken and stupid idea gets implemented by everyone…

Can you use the ttrss-tumblr-gdpr list of domains hosted by tumblr to add something not hosted by tumbler?


btw if the boilerplate page returned by tumblr is standard for all hosted feeds a plugin can detect it and apply the workaround automatically, without adding the domains manually.


Yeah in particular concerned about that, god knows how many “custom” solutions will be pushed online the next days, weeks and months. Clearly RSS feeds should have been excluded from checks like this (seeing most readers can’t bypass it) but yeah, I don’t have high hopes.

He-he, yeah, I can definitively see that continuing as many don’t use geoip or similar.


I use RSS Bridge for Twitter feeds and today started getting this message:

By using Twitter’s services you agree to our Cookie Use and Data Transfer outside the EU. We and our partners operate globally and use cookies, including for analytics, personalisation, and ads.



Does not matter where you live, your data is still covered by it…


so both EU plutocrats and NSA? this definitely doesn’t sound like a dystopian nightmare

how do i unsubscribe from this civilization :thinking:


We already live in a cyberpunk universe, minus the good bits. Seem to remember someone saying that to me a while back⸮ Cann’t remember who⸮


yeah that one is fairly obvious
personally i would gladly exchange zuckerberg and his ilk for neon and cool augs


Personally, I would gladly exchange zuckerberg and his ilk for a penny, discounted to nothing.