Firefox integration (button?) will stop working in Firefox 59


They’re removing registerContentHandler. I think this is what tt-rss currently uses in the Firefox Integration option.

Anyone currently relying on this will likely need to move to either a bookmarklet or an extension like Chrome has (maybe installable on Firefox?)

Also, possibly manually adding feed handlers in about:config?filter=browser.contentHandlers will keep working, at least for now. In which case it’s just the register button that’ll stop working.

Given the decreasing popularity of web feeds, the risk of the removal should be low.



i’ll remove the relevant code then, i guess.

e: i’m entirely not surprised with mozilla corp absolute disinterest in preserving last shreds of decentralized internet unless it helps their bottom line. actions always speak louder than words.


I’ve asked about their Web-Feed implementation, from what I’m reading they’ll probably drop it all together. So a WebExtension for tt-rss or a more generic solution will be the way forward.

(hope I’m not raising the dead here, couldn’t find anything about it in the posting guidelines)


well, i’ve removed the relevant code:

it’s fine


Turns out they moved the final removal to 62.

Not that it really makes much difference. Will still be gone soon(-ish).


Hi Folks,

By adding those keys in about:config of Firefox 60.0.2, I can now use TT-RSS as my default rss reader when I want to subscribe to a new feed URL.

browser.contentHandlers.types.6.title string TT-RSS
browser.contentHandlers.types.6.type string application/vnd.mozilla.maybe.feed
browser.contentHandlers.types.6.uri string
browser.feeds.handlers.webservice string
browser.feeds.handler.default string web

Was this what ttrss did with the button in Preferences> Feeds> Firefox integration ?

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pretty much, yeah



This Firefox addon reintroduces an URL bar RSS button, with the ability to subscribe via a custom tt-rss instance