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Finally got around to moving from MySQL to PostgresSQL


Gave up trying to migrate the database contents, and just did an OPML export and import.

Went from 17.12 to 19.2, and am very happy.

Thanks to fox and all contributors for a lovely piece of software (-:


And what did you have to lose? Starred articles?

Thanks to fox and all contributors for a lovely piece of software

And it gains in value day after day as the awareness grows of the darker sides of social networks and other ‘walled gardens’. But fox is an acquired taste, of course.


years of searchable history, the old one will remain as an archive

Like olives, or avocados ?



maybe there’s a use case for a better migration tool which would do what import_export does but on entire dataset instead of only starred articles

it would likely have to be command line only because it’s way easier to implement. dump everything into series of XML files instead of one, etc.

e: maybe using JSON instead of XML


Interesting how others use RSS. I treat news as ephemeral. So I use tt-rss as Twitter minus algorithms and ads. I pool together hundreds of feeds – more that I’d ever be able to read – filter out interesting articles, and purge everything every three days. Thus, to me the OPML is more valuable than the data base.

Apparently, you place more value the content of your feeds.


I think that would be a fscking fantastic tool (-:

most of the feeds I have are technical blogs (rather than “news”) and there have been several occasions where I remembered that I’d seen something in a ttrss feed, searched ttrss and found it. Over time some sites have gone offline, but in ttrss I still have that content (-:


this shouldn’t be hard to write since most of the code can be reused from the plugin, i’ll make a note to take a look at this


alright so if anyone is feeling brave enough, help test this thing:

i suggest using a test user, at least for your first import.

since this tool completely supersedes import_export plugin iit should be considered deprecated now. the only thing missing currently is a knob to export only starred/archived articles to replicate limited functionality of the stock plugin.

most of the code is copy-pasted from there anyway so there’s not much sense in keeping both.