Filter rule regex delimiter+modifiers hint in dialog


Thoughts on showing the delimiter and modifiers used for a filter rule regex in the Add/Edit Rule dialog?

commit bf4597af3aec727141fd6750fc64dc9cfb71a8f4
Author: wn_ <>
Date:   Sun Jun 4 16:04:12 2017 -0500

    Display regex delimiter+modifiers used by 'RSSUtils::get_article_filters' in filter rule dialog.

diff --git a/classes/pref/filters.php b/classes/pref/filters.php
index e5abf46..89929e4 100755
--- a/classes/pref/filters.php
+++ b/classes/pref/filters.php
@@ -941,10 +941,10 @@ class Pref_Filters extends Handler_Protected {

        print "<div class=\"dlgSecCont\">";

-       print "<input dojoType=\"dijit.form.ValidationTextBox\"
+       print "/ <input dojoType=\"dijit.form.ValidationTextBox\"
             required=\"true\" id=\"filterDlg_regExp\"
             style=\"font-size : 16px; width : 20em;\"
-            name=\"reg_exp\" value=\"$reg_exp\"/>";
+            name=\"reg_exp\" value=\"$reg_exp\"/> /iu";

        print "<hr/>";
        print "<input id=\"filterDlg_inverse\" dojoType=\"dijit.form.CheckBox\"
@@ -1190,4 +1190,4 @@ class Pref_Filters extends Handler_Protected {

\ No newline at end of file


Why? It doesn’t provide any functionality.

TT-RSS Filters gives you all the info you really need for filters. Including not including delimeters.

Besides, once someone new(er) sees that, then Fox will receive a million questions on how to change the regex flags (i,u,g,m, etc.)

Just my 2 cents.


I think it makes the expected value for that input a bit clearer.

Also, I added the line about not including delimiters to that wiki page earlier today.


no, let’s not add random weird looking crap to the UI