Feature request: TOR support in Android client


Would it be possible in the Android client to add support for .onion addresses so that the client could connect to a server that’s on a TOR hidden service?


no, i’m not adding any special code for tor, in my opinion adding support for protocols like that shouldn’t be done on a per-application basis

i’m sure there’s a way to route a generic http client into tor somehow, i.e. with a proxy/local vpn


I’ve got Orbot installed on my Android device. It provides SOCKS 4A/5 proxy at, HTTP proxy at and transparent proxy but only if there’s root access, which I don’t have. Would it be possible to add proxy configuration to the client?


the proper agnostic way to handle this imo is local vpn (same as rootless adblockers like DNS-66 do it)

i would prefer not to clutter network settings even more with proxy support, especially because i feel this would only be used by a tiny minority of users (proxies on mobile is not really a thing in general)