Feature request: TOR support in Android client


Would it be possible in the Android client to add support for .onion addresses so that the client could connect to a server that’s on a TOR hidden service?


no, i’m not adding any special code for tor, in my opinion adding support for protocols like that shouldn’t be done on a per-application basis

i’m sure there’s a way to route a generic http client into tor somehow, i.e. with a proxy/local vpn


I’ve got Orbot installed on my Android device. It provides SOCKS 4A/5 proxy at, HTTP proxy at and transparent proxy but only if there’s root access, which I don’t have. Would it be possible to add proxy configuration to the client?


the proper agnostic way to handle this imo is local vpn (same as rootless adblockers like DNS-66 do it)

i would prefer not to clutter network settings even more with proxy support, especially because i feel this would only be used by a tiny minority of users (proxies on mobile is not really a thing in general)


A bit of followup. The latest version of Orbot now has a vpn mode that doesn’t require root access. Meaning that is actually possible to connect the tt-rss android client to a server on an onion-address.

But there is a serious drawback. Orbot vpn mode doesn’t work together with normal vpn. That is, it is not possible to have a normal vpn connection running at the same time as using Orbot vpn mode to route selected apps to the tor network.

So basically it’s back to the fact that a proxy configuration possibility in the tt-rss app would be the superior solution. Any chance of reconsideration?


i think we’re up to two or even three http libraries right now in ttrss :(, not sure how much of a pita adding this would be
I’ll take a look next week


i’ve added http proxy support for API network requests, unfortunately i was unable to find any way to force the proxy on Glide so any image loading is completely SOL.

if anyone wants to take a stab at it, i’ve uploaded the branch on Gogs:

the only relevant thing i could find is this github issue:

I’m not sure what you mean by proxy.



I know next to nothing about android development but I thought I mention that the Fdroid client has this feature and in my experience it has worked well.


do they have Glide working with proxy? because otherwise i’m not sure how this would help.