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Feature request: Same article (URL) available in more feeds



this is the use case:

  • I have one provider that publishes every day the movies in the cinemas of my town (cinema=feed / movie=article).
  • One movie is shown in several cinemas and it has the same URL for all of the cinemas.

So basically the same article should be available in all of the feeds; and it must behave independently from the other feeds.

I am wondering if someone else may be interested in such feature.



you could make a plugin which would mangle article GUIDs in those feeds somehow (for example adding feed ids or something) thus making articles technically different.


mmm, seems a good idea, I will think about that.

Thanks a lot.


@gabbo if you ever do such a plugin I’d love if you can share with the community as at least I sometimes wish I could support something similar like it sounds like you would need.



I took the suggestion of fox but I didn’t make a plugin, I adapted the application to my need. It was quick, I don’t like so much, but it works.