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[Feature Request] "Remember me" at login checked by default


I’m not sure if this is a current feature or not (admittedly I didn’t search all that much to see if there was a way to already do this) but can I make it so I don’t have to check Remember Me every time I login? I was hoping there would be something in the config file but I didn’t see it when I looked.


IMHO this should be done via config file because there might be cases where you don’t want such a behavior.


are you seriously suggesting global config bloat because of this? :facepalm:


I’m only suggesting making such a thing configurable if it would be implemented into ttrss


Hi Fox, I’m not really a programmer so I’m not sure what that means exactly but are you suggesting adding such a feature through the config file could mess with the stability of TT-RSS? Would an option to do it in the preferences interface be feasible and/or better?


it’s not about stability. adding a tunable option for any stupid niche thing makes for unusable software.

which is why the behavior is going to be kept as is. it’s not that hard to tick the checkbox in the first place, but if you feel like you’re doing it too much, increase session lifetime in config.php.


Ok I understand, thanks for your response. The problem for me is I use a wide variety of different devices and I would prefer to leave my session lifetime alone.

On a related note I have another potentially dumb question, is it possible for me to customize the login page? My next best option would be to move the Remember Me further up on the page so after I punch in my password I can just press tab, space, and enter instead of having to use my mouse. I do see the folder /include/ has a login_form.php file, how can I modify that without having it get wiped every time I update? Alternatively is there a better way to go about this?


looks like a self inflicted problem to me.

you can customize literally everything with a text editor as long as you realize that you are going to be maintaining a fork from then on and i’m not going to answer your pleas for help. good luck, have fun.

you commit your changes into git.


Gotcha, probably won’t worry about it then. Thanks for the info.