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Feature request: add option "Move to category" for inactive feeds and feeds with errors


First of all: thank you for this great working and now also better looking tool!
I would like to add a feature, which would help me to manage my feeds even better.

In the list of feeds in options, I can chose to delete all feeds with errors, or feeds with a long time of inactivity. I would like to see a second option, so I can move all this feeds into a selectable category, so I can review them later on: did someone repair the feed? Has the blog become active again?

I am not a programmer (and neither a designer) myself, but maybe others find this idea useful and can help. error


But what value would such a category add? The windows you have posted already group the failing feeds.


Yes, I can see the feeds, but my actions are too limited for my needs, like regrouping (1 month inactive, 2 years inactive, 1 week inactive), maybe tagging (so I can create filters, and of course as existing, to delete the feeds in the end.

I give you an concrete example. I created a website called BonnerBlogs.de with all blogs from Bonn. I don’t want to loose the inactive ones and delete them, but I want to know, when they get active again. This takes maybe half a year or longer. If I move all the inactive feeds into a folder “inactive”, I can easily monitor this feeds and then react, if a blog gets active again. So I can add them on my public list of blogs again. If I have to delete them, I can’t monitor them, they are just lost.

Hope this explains my use case well enough. Thank you for your feedback!