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Feature request: add option "Move to category" for inactive feeds and feeds with errors


First of all: thank you for this great working and now also better looking tool!
I would like to add a feature, which would help me to manage my feeds even better.

In the list of feeds in options, I can chose to delete all feeds with errors, or feeds with a long time of inactivity. I would like to see a second option, so I can move all this feeds into a selectable category, so I can review them later on: did someone repair the feed? Has the blog become active again?

I am not a programmer (and neither a designer) myself, but maybe others find this idea useful and can help. error


But what value would such a category add? The windows you have posted already group the failing feeds.


Yes, I can see the feeds, but my actions are too limited for my needs, like regrouping (1 month inactive, 2 years inactive, 1 week inactive), maybe tagging (so I can create filters, and of course as existing, to delete the feeds in the end.

I give you an concrete example. I created a website called BonnerBlogs.de with all blogs from Bonn. I don’t want to loose the inactive ones and delete them, but I want to know, when they get active again. This takes maybe half a year or longer. If I move all the inactive feeds into a folder “inactive”, I can easily monitor this feeds and then react, if a blog gets active again. So I can add them on my public list of blogs again. If I have to delete them, I can’t monitor them, they are just lost.

Hope this explains my use case well enough. Thank you for your feedback!


This is definitely something you could do easily with a plug-in. Just like TT-RSS has a section Feeds with errors in Preferences, you could write a plugin that creates a Preferences page that listed inactive feeds organized however you wanted with an option to unsubscribe.


If only I would be able to write a plugin myself. :roll_eyes: But I would be ready to pay for it, if someone would like to help me do this. By the way, the sorting is not the problem itself, but the missing option to move the inactive feeds into a certain category.