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[Feature]Co-op mode for tt-rss? Option for collecting, tagging and share feeds in a team



I have installed Tiny Tiny RSS and works very nice! I really love it!

As I saved my feeds for later I got an idea. If there are multiple users on my server, and the users are interested in the same topics and want to get all articles, it would be a great thing to collect and tag the articles together from rss feeds. I know there is opportunity for auto filtering and auto tagging based on the text of the feeds. However, It works only inside in user’s account and I cannot share these tags with clickable/filterable/searchable way.

This is complicated, for sure, but I would like to collect articles in a team, working together with my team mates in "co-operative mode". For example: I read through a feed in ttrss, and save some articles, give tags and comment on it. There would be an option to share with another ttrss user(s) or group(s) and save the article (with tags, comments and so on) to a joint "co-op" category. The other users can see their own feed, but also see and edit the collected articles, tags of the team members. I think it needs also privileges setup for make this work.

I think this feature would improve greatly the efficiency of the screening, and building a unified common database.

All the best!





It’s not the same thing, but what I do with my install is have other users subscribe to my account’s Published articles feed; I, in turn, subscribe to theirs. When I find an interesting article, I publish it. In this way users on my install can each read what others are sharing.

It does not share tags, labels, etc. but it works for me.


whats with this desire to make everything into a social network :thinking:


My very similar question which shares a lot with the OP question here is not intended to create a social network as I only want it to be accessed by members of our organisation exclusively.

But I intended a collaborative approach which should save time and would allow work better allocated to other tasks then just collecting general media articles (in my use case). As we have to deal with local politicians, as an NGO we always have to know who said what and where. TT-RSS can help here to filter/score up the relevant articles and make the rest invisible but acessible, if needed.


Remember the classic:

Man seeks on earth … some means of uniting all in one unanimous and harmonious ant-heap, for the craving for universal unity is [an] anguish of men.

Fox, build an ant-heap, rule the Earth. You’re missing out.


That’s how Facebook got started…


I do not intend to create a new social network, there are too many of them. I should not have been focus on sharing but on co-op collecting and tagging. This is all about working in a team ,btw. However, it can be solved with a scraper too.


Fortunately, we are a non-profit association with paying members that was founded long before Facebook. Facebook is just a data retailer with a big data business model that sucks people out. Never understood why they call it a social network.


I wrote got started. I wasn’t talking about its current state.