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Favicons in treeview are not displayed


Describe the problem you’re having:
Favicons in treeview are not displayed

I upgraded from an older git version. I tried to delete the favicons but this did not help. The favicons are redownloaded and saved in the folder feed-icons. Also the “loading” circle is displayed when I click on a feed. The favicons show up in the feed header.

tt-rss version (including git commit id):
v19.2 (72fcc81)

Platform (i.e. Linux distro, PHP, PostgreSQL, etc) versions:
Debian 9.8
PHP Version 7.0.33-0+deb9u2
postgresql/stable,now 9.6+181+deb9u2

Example screenshot here:


try opening network tab in browser F12 console and check for any errors in there


Looks good – also when I mouse over “9.ico” I see the correct favicon.


Does it do this in private browsing/incognito mode?


yeah try with a clean browser profile, op
also without any third party css (just in case)

i wouldn’t be surprised if its the case of adding too many filters in ublock or something


Disabled ublock already … will try clean profile


Clean profile works … my bad – thanks for your help!