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Favicon selection via "get_favicon_url"


A question about “get_favicon_url”; it loads the website and queries for “/html/head/link[@rel=“shortcut icon” or @rel=“icon”]”.

RSS has the “image” element and Atom has the “logo” element; are those looked at? I don’t see that they are. I have an instagram and twitter to rss plugin that puts the user avatar in the image element but the stock website favicon is used and the image is ignored. AFAICT anyway.

I was just wondering about the history of this functionality.



this looks like something that nobody ever uses so implementing it would be a waste of time, going to origin site seems more reliable, to me at least

e: in any case it’s such a minor thing i’m not sure adding even more code because of a favicon is worth it, you can always manually assign whatever through feed editor


Sure. Or I could create a plugin that read those elements and overwrote the favicon if there were many of them. Ok, thanks for the reply.


btw, i hazily recall that rss image thing was supported and even displayed somewhere in the UI at some point, it was usually rather high-res so i’m not sure it would be a good substitute for a favicon


Right, there are non-ico files png, jpg, etc… of various resolutions. Good point.