Favicon Badge Plugin



What: Favicon Badge - an updated plugin
Why: This plugin shows the unread article count on the page’s favicon. Helps you notice updated feeds when the tab is pinned.
Where: https://github.com/ctag/favicon_badge


I woke up one day a while back, and found I’d been smote by Google. Chromium no longer shows the blue notification dot over pinned tabs that have updates, and I’ve been unsuccessful in re-enabling it.

I wasn’t able to get the original favicon_badge plugin to work for me, so I adjusted it to work on Chrome, and put it on github.

This updated plugin uses MutationObserver to notice when the page title changes. It should be a little lighter on resources than the previous polling one per second approach, but I don’t really know. It’s also switched over to a different favicon library: favico.js which works, but appears similarly unmaintained.

Known bug: After reading the last unread article, the favicon doesn’t drop back to stock. I’m still trying to fix it. Should be fixed in the first release.

Known bug: Sometimes the title update doesn’t trigger a notification badge to appear. Seems to happen when I take my laptop out of suspend and there are unread articles.