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Failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found



when i try to subscribe to the digitalcourage feed i get the following error message, what can i do?
E_WARNING (2) include/functions.php:514 file_get_contents(https://digitalcourage.de/rss.xml): failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found

OS: Debian Stretch 9.4
PHP: 7.2.7-1+0~20180622080745.23+stretch~1.gbpfd8e2e
mysql: 15.1 Distrib 10.1.26-MariaDB
TT-RSS: 17.12


you can read the stickied threads

e: you can also google the error message and place your likely shared-hosting related post into an appropriate subforum


why do you think I use a shared host? i have my own server on which the script runs.
And the search here has given no result

also this question doesn’t really fit into one of the categories and since I didn’t want to put it in the wrong category I didn’t do it


… Look at the section entitled “When reporting bugs at least include the following”…


I have added the possible information above


because your error and its cause is typical for shared hosting

google this, check and fix your php configuration as needed

that is either enable remote fopen or install curl, preferably both


i have already added a lot of feeds only on this one the error occurs
why would there be something wrong with the php configuration?

“allow_url_fopen”? is already set to on
and curl is still instaled

this problem is the first time i have 22 feeds in my list


its either php or server configuration, likely related to SSL. you are also using some kind of php backport - debian ships 7.0.30 in stretch.

try downloading that URL using wget on your server, if that works than its something with php, maybe.


i have rewritten all configs and now it seems to work apparently this was a file error