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Fail2Ban with Tiny Tiny RSS?


Is there an easy way to integrate Fail2Ban with Tiny Tiny RSS? I haven’t been able to find where authentication attempts to Tiny Tiny RSS are being logged.


Default is for any logging to go into the database,to view on the ‘System’ tab of Preferences on an admin login. You can change that with the ‘LOG_DESTINATION’ parameter in config.php. I’ve no idea if tt-rss even attempts to log the sorts of things you’d be interested in though, e.g. failed login attempts with target username and source IP.


This. Set the option to an empty string and it’ll log in the default PHP error log file.

It does.


Ah, got it! Thanks for pointing me to the right answer. As a follow up, is there anything special I need to do to get the setting changes in config.php to take? Is restarting the php-fm service & nginx enough? (Since it’s PHP, I’m assuming it gets executed each time I visit the site)


you don’t need to do anything at all

e: well maybe restart the update daemon if config.php changes affect it :man_shrugging: