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F-Droid repository for tt-rss


For people who just can’t stand Google Play there’s a F-Droid repository now.

Please note several differences to Play Store version:

  1. Builds are generated automatically on git merge, daily. If version code is changed app will be flagged as updated in F-Droid regardless of actual stability or any other possible issues, there’s no manual sign-off involved.
  2. APK is signed with a different key, you will have to reinstall if you have Play Store version installed.
  3. Trial stuff is disabled completely for this build. If you suddenly feel a burning desire to support me you will have to find a different way (wink-wink, etc).

Repository should be considered in testing for now. As always I appreciate any feedback ITT.

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heads up, i’ve updated repository URL above.

new url: https://tt-rss.org/fdroid/repo

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