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Enable/Disable Plugin per Profile doesn't work


Hi all,

after some months I upgraded my tt-rss installation again to the latest git version. I have two profiles defined for my account and before the upgrade, I was able to disable a plugin in one profile but have it enabled in the other. Now this seems to be not possible anymore. If I disable the plugin in the active profile and then select the other profile and switch to it, the plugin is also disabled there.
Is this not possible anymore or do I just have to configure it in a different way?

Best regards,


if this was ever possible, it was a bug.

backend has no idea which profiles you might be logged into (or not).

so, for example, frontend part of some plugin would be loaded for you but backend part never runs because it’s not enabled in global profile. there’s just too many possible issues here, imo, even though it would work for some subset of plugins.


It worked quite nicely for the nsfw plugin. I had it enabled in one profile and disabled in the other.
Anyway, then I will have to live with it on all the time.

Thanks for clarifying, @fox !


nsfw is a good example of a plugin that would work fine - it has no server-side code.

maybe at some point it would be a good idea to add a plugin method which would indicate that plugin may be enabled for profiles, not sure if it would be worth additional complexity though - global plugins would still need to be loaded anyway, this all sounds like too much effort tbh


Is it possible for such a plugin to query the name of the current profile? Maybe then such a function could be handled by the plugin internally and no changes on the overall code would be required…


nah, that wouldn’t work i’m afraid (not gonna go into details, but basically that’s not how tt-rss works)