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Edit multiple feeds: plugin setting?


Is it possible to modify plugin settings for multiple plugin at once? Cant’ find it in the “Edit multiple feeds” dialog.


nope, i’m afraid not

i’m not sure how annoying this would be to implement tbh


i’d like this too, but rather than one-time in-bulk (to all the feeds in a category). would it be possible to apply them at the category level ?

this would make it so all new feeds get the same as their siblings


no, that’s not gonna happen

as usual, people are free to add whatever random batch or otherwise functionality via plugins


it was an idea.

is this possible via the API - id like to query if af_zz_phash is set (and set it). if this is what getPref is for can you please point to some info ? this is all i can find


not in stock, this goes way outside the desired use-case for the api, at least the way i’m seeing it

api is pluggable however, so if you really need it you can write a plugin that would add such method


thank you for the quick replies and suggestions

e: would doing this to the DB cause my condo to drop from 19th floor to -32 ?

 "select content from ttrss_plugin_storage where name = 'Af_Zz_Img_Phash'"

ee: the select is fine … im saying can i update this ?


well it’s not like anyone here could possibly stop you


i keep a 14 day rolling backup of the db and the files … ive rolled back … more than i’d like to admit