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Double entries for new rss items


Hi everybody,

I am a bit fan of the RSS feed Tao of mac (https://taoofmac.com/feed). However there is one problem with this feed if I subscribe it with ttrss. In particular, new entries appear twice in ttrss while they appear only once in the feed.

Could you please help me figuring out whether it is a bug on the side of the feed provider or whether it is a problem caused by ttrss.

Best regards


Do the two entries have the same URL? I had the same issue with another feed which was behind a load balancer of some sort and the URL was slightly different between the two.


thanks for your reply. Yes you are right. I just see that the two entries differ in the way that the first uses “https” in the link address while the second is just uses “http”. Do you have an idea what the reason for this could be?


Probably the same issue, a load balancer with inconsistently-configured backends. You can try contacting the site admins and ask them to fix it. If they don’t answer, you can create a filter that automatically marks one of them as read. (in my case, one had :443 port and the other did not, so I filtered on that).


For the record, in case anyone else experiences it with this particular feed, I started experiencing the same duplicate behavior with AndroidCentral’s feed starting last week. Created a filter to mark the :443 entries as read and that appears to have worked. Big thanks to imgx64.