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Do feeds automatically update in background?


Do feeds update automatically in the background if the browser isn’t running?

When I setup the preferences, I presume the subscriptions are updated automatically in the background, without the web browser being opened.

I’m attempting to follow the instructions from https://git.tt-rss.org/fox/tt-rss/wiki/UpdatingFeeds.
Makes me think the feeds aren’t updated unless the browser is open.
And if so, I’ll need more help with some of the missing play-by-play details of the instructions.


Yes, you need to run the updater on the server and it will fetch the feeds so they’re ready for you when you load TT-RSS in your browser. You can do it a variety of ways (cron, screen, systemd) but if you’re using a modern Linux distro the systemd service in that wiki article is the way to go as it handles dependencies (e.g. the database).

What distro are you running? What type of web server, PHP, etc.?


I am running Ubuntu distribution.
I am running Apache2 web server.

I have limited experience…but I’m guessing I need to create a service file “daemon”. Then I need to use cron to schedule the service to run periodically.

Or maybe it’s built into tt-rss? And configurable through the web interface?




You could, but systemd is better for this type of thing because it will make sure the service is not running if the database is down, it can restart the service if it crashes, etc.

No and no.

Yeah. Some of your questions really aren’t specific to TT-RSS though, they’re general server admin questions and that’s not what this forum is about.

To update in the background, copy/paste the systemd service in the wiki article (updating any file paths appropriately) and install it in Ubuntu. To figure out how to do that, Google is your friend.


I presume the wiki could say (hopefully this could help more people easily use TT-RSS):

Create a file:
sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/ttrss_backend.service

Contents of the ttrss_backend file:

After=network.target mysql.service postgresql.service



Start the service:
sudo service ttrss_backend start

Not completely sure if the service autostarts on reboot.


I’m getting an error message at the bottom of the web browser:

Update daemon is not updating feeds.


In the log I’m getting:

warning: unable to create stampfile

Not sure if I have the correct security on the folder /var/www/html/tt-rss. The permissions for the objects are “root”. The service user is “www-data” (which seems to be a generic default user of Apache). The database user is “ttrss”.


tt-rss wiki is not there to teach you how to use systemd or become a linux system admin, it’s specific to tt-rss.

you run your own linux server so it’s presumed you already have all the basic knowledge related to that, otherwise you are better off using a hosted service of some kind, like feedly or facebook.

same general principle applies to this forum.