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Default feed background color



Several of my feeds either do not have a favicon or the code is not able to get the background color from it. This results in them being displayed without any background color.

<a href="#" style="background-color: rgba(undefined)" onclick="Feeds.open({feed:60})">Testfeed</a>

Is it somehow possible to set a default or random background color for these feeds?
Maybe this can be done during the calculation already, so a random color is assigned to them.

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Random wouldn’t make much sense. But you could set it in the database ttrss_feeds.favicon_avg_color manually if it’s important to you.


random won’t work, what we could do is assign predictable color based on title, like some irc clients do (for nicks).

e: https://git.tt-rss.org/fox/tt-rss/commit/eda4ac2a2bb4bd96d06d0a2255dbc3d01cf16e31 something like that


Thank you very much fox. Ill check it out as soon as possible.